The story of the DMC Group, a titan in the finance and technology sector, began over 28 years ago. Throughout nearly three decades of development, DMC has established its presence not only domestically but also internationally, becoming a well-known and respected brand.
DMC is not confined to the traditional scope of a financial enterprise. Its constant innovation and integration of technology in all business operations have enabled it to stay ahead of the curve. This transformation is particularly evident in the e-commerce sector, a rapidly growing industry with huge potential.
Over the years, DMC has taken significant steps to position itself as a leader in this field. Their focus has not only been on expanding their scale and enhancing infrastructure but also on investing heavily in research and development. This investment aims to provide modern, secure, and convenient financial and e-commerce solutions to their customers.
More than just offering services, DMC aims to build a community with its partners and clients, fostering a healthy and cooperative business environment. The trust and reputation they have built over the years are testament to a sustainable development strategy that looks to the future.
DMC’s story is not just one of business growth; it is a testament to relentless adaptability and innovation. They continue to write new chapters not just for themselves but for the finance and technology industry, contributing to building a brighter future.


Steven Nguyen
CEO of DMC Group

Pham Van Phuong
CTO of DMC Group

Phuong nam
cfo of dmc group

Do Anh
CMO of dmc group

Kim phuong
coo of dmc group

hoang kieu tan
Human Resources

huy pham
Assistant manager

thao pham
Chief of corporate office

Group Culture

At DMC Group, the company culture is rooted in a blend of innovation, integrity, and collaboration. We believe in fostering a dynamic environment where creativity and technology converge to drive progress. Our core values emphasize ethical practices, respect for diverse perspectives, and a commitment to excellence.

Empowerment and professional growth are key to our ethos. We invest in our employees’ development, offering opportunities for continuous learning and advancement. This approach not only enhances individual skills but also ensures that our team remains at the cutting edge of industry trends.

Teamwork is central to our success. We encourage open communication and the sharing of ideas, recognizing that collective wisdom leads to smarter, more effective solutions. Our collaborative spirit extends beyond internal operations to include partnerships with clients and stakeholders, ensuring that we work together towards mutual success.

Innovation is not just a buzzword at DMC; it’s a way of life. We constantly explore new technologies and approaches, challenging ourselves to think outside the box. This drive for innovation is what enables us to remain leaders in the fast-paced worlds of finance and technology.


At DMC Group, “Connectivity” and “Sharing” are integral aspects of our corporate culture. We emphasize building strong, meaningful connections within our team and with our clients, fostering a network of collaboration and support. Sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources is fundamental to our ethos, ensuring collective growth and success in our endeavors.

Lastly, we are committed to social responsibility. We engage in various community initiatives and encourage our employees to contribute to societal well-being. This sense of responsibility reflects our belief that a successful business should also be a force for positive change in the world.